What is Listserv?


Listserv is really no more than an email photocopy machine. A person can address and send a single email to a list (e.g. Ucforum-l@listserv.uconn.edu) and Listserv will copy that email and send it to everyone that is subscribed to that particular list.


How does Listserv work?


For security reasons, Listserv tries to confirm, based on a list's configuration, whether or not the sender of an email is allowed to send to a particular list. The only way that Listserv can do this is by crosschecking the senders email address (e.g. From: Someone@somewhere.com) with its subscriber database. This is important to understand because the email address must match exactly with the one in the Listserv database. In other words, if your subscribed address is userid@uconnvm.uconn.edu and you are sending your email from firstname.lastname@uconn.edu, it is NOT going to work. We often receive inquiries from customers stating that they are not subscribed to a list, when in fact they are, just not with the email address that they are now using and sending their email from. Unfortunately over the years here at UConn, we have changed email systems from time to time (UConnVM, Lotus Notes, Exchange, etc...).


How can I manage my Listserv subscriptions?


This is easily answered if you know what email address is subscribed to a Listserv list(s). If you do in fact know what email address is subscribed to a Listserv list(s) you can skip to "Manage my Listserv subscriptions" below. If you do not know what address is subscribed, please continue reading. Basically, this is tough to answer. For "Official" lists (ones that UITS manage), we use personal name (firstname.lastname@uconn.edu). For lists that are "Open" (anyone can subscribe too), or "Owner" (only the owner of the list can subscribe users), any address can be used and you, the user, might not know what address was used. If in fact you do not know what address to use, please contact our Help Center at helpcenter@uconn.edu or our Listserv Maintenance account listsmnt@appmail.uconn.edu.


Managing my Listserv subscriptions.


  • Go to http://vz.uits.uconn.edu.
  • In the upper left hand corner, click on "Subsriber's Corner".

o       If this is your first time using the Listserv web pages, you will need to "Log in". There should be a "Log in" link on the left hand side of the page.

o       Also, if this is your first time logging in to Listserv, you will need to obtain a Listserv password. Click on "Set Password" link on the left hand side of the page.

o       Once you have logged in you should be taken to the "Password Saved" page. This page discusses how a "cookie" has been set in your web browser and you should not need to enter your logon information again. At this point, you can click the LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU link at the bottom to return to Listserv's main page.

o       Now click on "Subscribers Corner" link again and you should be taken to a page showing you all of the lists that you are currently subscribed too.

  • Click on any list name to see your subscription options.


How do I create a Listserv list?


A Listserv list can be created by sending a request form from the following web address http://vz.uits.uconn.edu/lservreq.html. More information about Listserv policies for owning and maintaining a Listserv list can be found at Listserv List Creation FAQ.


How do I manage a Listserv list that I own?


There are two ways to manage a Listserv list. One is via the web and two is by sending commands to Listserv via email.


When managing a list via the web:


When sending commands to Listserv via Email;

  • Create a piece of mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU
  • Do not include header information (e.g. Subject:, Cc: etc.).
  • In the body of the email, include the command and ensure that there is no signature file included.


Common Owner Commands

1.      ADD listname net@address Firstname Lastname      (to add a large group of subscribers, create a text file with the list of subscribers,

                                                                                       access listserv through the web, select the appropriate list, click BULK and input the  

                                                                                       text file you created. Then choose the function you want and submit.        

2.      DEL listname net@address

3.      REVIEW listname                                                  (get information about a list)

4.      SET listname DIGEST for net@address                  (turns Digest on)

5.      SET listname MAIL for net@address                     (turns Digest off)     


Common User Commands

1.      SUB listname Firstname Lastname 

2.      UNSUB listname

3.      SET listname DIGEST                                            (turns Digest on)

4.      SET listname MAIL                                                (turns Digest off)